2016 Summer Programs

2016 Summer Program

To register, please call 631-265-6768 or email education@smithtownhistorical.org before submitting the form below, as many of the weekly sessions are filled.

Week One June 27-July 1: Summer Chefs Week! – 9:30am-noon

Kick off summer by making some yummy treats for you & your family to enjoy! 

M-W-F Session:
Make cheese and bread from scratch, learn about icings, decorate cupcakes and make your own ice cream and other treats!

T-Th Session:
Make pasta from scratch to take home and cook for your family, and make and decorate candy for dessert too!


Week Two, July 5-8: Crafts Week – 9:30am-noon

Not your usual camp crafts! Create fun & easy crafts- they make great gifts too!

W-F Session (no Monday, Closed for July 4 Holiday):
Design unique journal covers and trinket boxes using the decorative art of metal embossing, and learn how to make your own paper and make unique stationery and other paper crafts.

T-Th Session:
Stamp it up and design your own printing stamp, sponge stamp, and rubbings, and decorate a trinket box and other items with the decorative art of quilling (twirling) ribbons of paper into fanciful and fun shapes!


Week Three, July 11-15: Spa Week – 9:30am-noon

Did you know that the spa luxuries we enjoy today are not much different than those necessities from the past?

M-W-F & T-Th Sessions:
Make your own soap, bath salts, oils, sachets, candles and more! End the week with a Victorian Tea Party!


Week Four, July 18-22: Life on the Farm & Fiber Art Fun Week !

Learn how life was like growing up on a farm by taking care of our animals! Create everyday items using products made from farm animals and plants.

M-W-F and T-Th Morning Sessions – 9:30am-noon:
Fiber Art Fun! This week, campers will dabble in the fiber arts, learn weaving, drop spinning, felting, and experiment with natural dyes and more. Tuesday & Thursday campers will make dyes from natural products, and will bring in a t-shirt or other item to create a tie-dye design.

M-W-F and T-Th Afternoon Sessions – 12:30-3pm:
Life on the Farm! Learn how life was like growing up on a farm by taking care of the animals and garden at the Arthur Farm.


Week Five, July 25-29: Life on the Farm Week & Homegrown Goodies Week!

Learn how life was like growing up on a farm by taking care of our animals. Use dairy products and crops from the farm to make some sweet and savory treats!

M-W-F Morning Session – 9:30am-noon:
Make bread, cheese, and churn butter from scratch, and make your own ice cream and other delicious treats!

T-Th Morning Session – 9:30am-noon:
Enjoy some sweet & sour treats to make and take home! Learn how to make delicious jam and how to make pickles from our homegrown cucumbers and herbs.

M-W-F and T-Th Afternoon Sessions – 12:30-3pm:
Learn about what life was like growing up on a farm, by taking care of the animals and garden at the Arthur Farm.


Week Six, August 1-5: Garden Discovery Week & Garden Party!

Be a gardener for the week and enjoy our bountiful harvest by cooking with herbs and veggies, and creating crafts from the garden and nature.

M-W-F and T-Th Morning Sessions – 9:30am-noon:
Help us cultivate and care for our garden, harvest veggies and herbs for cooking and crafts, and learn sustainable gardening practices such as composting, rain harvesting and more!

M-W-F and T-Th Afternoon Sessions – 12:30-3pm:
Have a Garden Party! This week we will enjoy the harvest from our garden by making natural crafts and cooking with herbs and veggies. Make delicious snacks and beverages and create whimsical art of various forms from objects found in and around the Historical Society’s gardens. End the week having a Garden Party, with tea and savory treats!


Week Seven, August 8-12: Fine & Living Art – 9:30am-noon

Let your creativity soar this week, with various art and sculpture projects using different forms of media.

M-W-F Session:
During this session, children ages 9-12 will join artist Arline Goldstein and use their imagination to create unique art. Younger children, ages 6-9 will join our staff to learn drawing techniques, and how to write and draw with a quill using black walnut ink they have made. All ages will dabble in ‘living’ sculpture and make a topiary of live plants!

T-Th Session: Create a living sculpture by making a topiary of living plants and dabble in Colonial-era arts and crafts!


Week Eight, August 15-19: Long Island Kids, Then, Now, & Later On! – 9:30am-noon

Travel through time and learn how children lived on Long Island throughout history. Campers will brainstorm and create hands-on projects predicting how life as a child will be on LI in the future.

M-W-F & T-Th Sessions:
This week we will have fun exploring how children lived, learned, played, and even worked on Long Island throughout the years, experience similarities and differences of the past with the present, and engage in projects that will help us predict what we think the future holds. We end the week with a Rock & Roll Ice Cream Social, making and enjoying homemade ice cream!


Week Nine, August 24-26: Baseball Camp

End summer on a high note with some old-time baseball fun!

Thursday & Friday 9:30am-3pm, & Saturday 8:30am-11am:
Join SHS’s home team, the 1864 Brooklyn Atlantics for practice and fun. Learn how to throw, pitch, catch, hit and run like the pros. We will end the week with an exciting scrimmage with our home team! Boys and girls, ages 6-12, of any skill level will have fun playing and learning from the pros!


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