Hamlet of Hauppauge.

Aerial view of Hauppauge, with the Joshua Brewster Smith House at center, c. 1950

This picture from a plane indicates the encroaching development that was beginning to threaten one of the Smithtown community’s most historic structures by the early postwar years. Just a few years after this image was taken, the Joshua Brewster Smith House, a rare lean-to or saltbox style house that dated to the 1760s and had been extensively remodeled and added to in the early 1800s, was acquired by a builder (in 1960). The builder attempted to negotiate a deal, to put up stores along Veteran’s Memorial Highway in exchange for keeping the structure intact. When he was denied, the house was razed just two weeks later. Today, this area is the junction of routes 347 and 454, with the Stonebridge Golf Course Links nearby.