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Woven Wonders – Highlights From the Textile Collection

Opening March 26th 2018 7 pm at the Brush Barn for Wine & Cheese, then on to the Exhibit at the Caleb Smith House

Selected from a treasure trove of historical artifacts, and representing a wide array of color, texture, and form, the Smithtown Historical Society presents Woven Wonders, more than 35 artifacts that exquisitely represent our textile collection.  From a silk and metallic-thread embroidered hand fan that was carried at the Inauguration Ball of President George Washington, in 1789, to a spectacular two-piece dress made out of pineapple fiber, proudly worn by socialite Rachel Hopper Powell, in the 1890s, there are beautiful and breathtaking surprises throughout the historical society’s exhibit gallery at the Caleb Smith House.  The objects on display include several outstanding historic quilts, including an album quilt, c. 1850, and a boldly colorful crazy quilt, from the time that style was popular in the 1890s.  Historic shoes, beaded handbags, and schoolgirl samplers of the 19th century will also be on view.  Woven Wonders showcases SHS’s outstanding textile collection and the stories behind the men, women, and children who sewed, wore, and used these unique objects.


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