School Field Trip Programs

Responding to the need for a greater understanding of Long Island history, the Society has developed outstanding educational programs for elementary school children, all of which are designed to compliment the New York State Curriculum. Our twenty-acre site and historic buildings afford students the opportunity to learn about Farm Life in Early America, experience an 18th Century Innkeeper’s Day, or visit the home of a prominent Smithtown judge in 19th Century Long Island. Dressed in period attire, our educators present programs in the historic homes on our ground’s and in schools through our outreach program. An annual Civil War encampment, offered in conjunction with Long Island Civil War reenactors, gives students an immersive experience into what life was like during the harsh conditions of war. This year, we added the following new educational offerings: LI Kids, Then and Now, Homeschool Days,  and a selection of thematic, engaging Pre-School programs.


2016-17 school brochure

2016-17 school brochure2          2016-17-school-brochure1

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