Farmers Market Information

Mission Statement

To facilitate the success of New York State(with special focus on Long Island) food growers, producers and food artisans. Strengthening our food, local economy, and serving to provide a great community gathering place for all to come and enjoy.

Market Governance

SHS Farmer’s Market Director/Manager is Helena Ludrosky

The Market Director/Manager is responsible for the orderly and efficient conduct of the market and for implementing and enforcing the Rule and Regulations. The market manager will represent the market and its governing body during market days and in community activities. The market manager will assist the market’s governing body with developing and implementing a market budget, establishing market policy, vendor recruitment, collecting fees, establishing the operational schedule, and advertising and promotion of the market.

SHS Farmer’s Market Recruiter is Helena Ludrosky

The Market Recruiter is responsible for finding New York State(with special focus on Long Island) producers, food artisans and farmers with an adequate diversity of product to round out the market, giving customers a variety of choices in both product and farmers.

Rules & Regulations

General Operations

The SHS Farmer’s Market is located at 239 E. Main Street Smithtown NY 11787. The market will operate on our Great Lawn, facing Route 25, every Sunday, 9am – 2pm and will run from June 4, 2017 through November 19, 2017.

Vendors may arrive as early as 7:30am to begin setup and must stay through the end of the market day to provide a full market to shoppers arriving throughout market hours. No selling is permitted before the official opening time, as announced by the market manager.

Vendors may leave early only under extenuating circumstances and with the permission of the market manager.

Vendors must notify the market manager no later than 24 hours before market time if they will be absent for that market day. Failure to notify manager may result in loss of market privelages. There are no refunds for cancellations.

Rain or Shine Policy. The market will operate during rain or shine, with the exception of severe weather, where you will be notified. The safety or our vendors and shoppers is top priority. There is no refund for the market closing due to inclement weather.

Who may sell at the market

The use of the market is restricted to those who are bona-fide growers, producers of homemade products or other vendors approved by the market manager or governing body.

Vendors may, on a limited basis, supplement their product line with additional New York State only products, as long as that product is otherwise missing from the market and the market manager has given permission for the supplement.

All agricultural products may be sold at the market, including but not limited to locally grown fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats, flowers, plants, honey products, maple products, NYS wines sold by a farm winery, NYS beer sold by a farm brewery, eggs, herbs and related products.

Bakers who have baked the products themselves and who possess the proper licensing from either the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets or their County Dept. of Health.

Prepared food vendors with a current mobile food service license.

Products not specifically identified must be pre-approved by the market management.

All applicable food safety regulations, both state and local, must be adhered to at all times.

All applicable licenses and permits for products sold must be obtained and kept current. Copies of applicable permits and licenses will be kept on file with the market management.

To ensure compliance to market rules, the Governing Body reserves the right to direct the market manager or appoint a committee to inspect any vendor’s farm or establishment with advance notice. Inspections will be made only with the farmer/owner or their representative present unless written permission is given. Vendors must provide any help necessary to thoroughly document products and conditions recorded at the inspection. The vendor will be notified in writing of the results of the inspection within seven days of the inspection.

All new vendors will be subject to a ninety (90) day at-will probationary period commencing on the first day of selling in the market.

Guidelines for set up & selling

All vendors must have a sign clearly showing their name and location.

Each vendor will be responsible for all equipment and supplies for the setup of a booth. Displays should be constructed in such a way that they do not block customer walkways nor pose any other hazard to customers.

Vendors are required to keep their market space neat and clear of obstacles, litter and debris.

All produce displayed for sale must be at least 12” off the ground with the exception of heavy or large items such as pumpkins.

Sellers must post prices. While it is expected that prices will be fair to consumers, the seller and fellow sellers, collusion among sellers to attempt to influence prices is strictly prohibited.

No smoking, alcoholic beverages or firearms are permitted at the market. Excluding beer/wine/liquor vendors.

No hawking, proselytizing or amplified music is permitted at the market.

All products offered for sale must be of good quality and condition. The market manager reserves the right to direct any inferior goods be removed from display. Failure to remove products deemed inferior will be reported to the market’s governing body and may result in loss of market privileges.

Each vendor in the market must be directly involved with or knowledgeable about the production of the produce or products being sold at the market. We encourage you to educate your consumers about how you process & source your product.

Vendors are responsible for the actions of their representatives, employees or agents.

Vendors who provide samples and/or products that will result in waste material, such as cups, rinds, and corn cobs, must provide containers for waste disposal.

All stall spaces must be swept clean and any refuse removed at the end of each market day.

Sellers must have their market sites dismantled, packed up, and cleaned within one hour of the market closure.

All vendors are required to weight their tents.  This is for the safety of vendors and customers, as the wind can come up at any time and blow the tents, which could cause damage or someone to be hurt.

All vehicles brought into the market for the unloading of goods must be removed by 8:30am and vendors must be set up by 9am.  All vendor vehicles must be parked in the designated vendor parking lot behind the Brush Barn by 8:30am. Vendor vehicles will not be permitted on lawn after 8:30am. Any late comers will have to walk supplies and equipment over to stall space.

There shall be no vehicles moving through the market during the hours of operation.

If you have a trailer you would like to include in your stall, you must have it approved by the market manager through your application process


Vendors are independent entities and are each liable for all applicable licenses and insurance. All vendors must provide proof of general liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 and name the market “Smithtown Historical Society Farmer’s Market”, the property owner “Smithtown Historical Society” and the market sponsor “Smithtown Historical Society” as additional insured. A current certificate must remain on file with the market. Vendors must also provide the SHS Farmer’s Market with a copy of your sales tax certificate to keep on file, if applicable.

A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the market manager prior to setting up or selling any products at the market.

It is best to have your Insurance broker email the certificate to:

Stall fees and assignment

The Application fee to participate at the SHS Farmer’s Market is $75.

($50 will go toward SHS annual membership, if approved)

All applications and fees are due by March 1, 2017.

Applicants will be notified by March 15th, 2017 if they are Approved or Denied based on a vote of the Market Governance.  Application discussion and votes will not be made public or discussed via phone, email, or in person.  The SHS Farmer’s Market reserves the right to refuse a vendor’s application or may terminate a vendor’s membership at any time.

Smithtown Historical Society Farmer’s Market Stall Fees:

Daily Fee: $40 per stall

Monthly Fee: $150 per stall

Seasonal Fee: $750 per stall

Drop in fees for SHS Farmer’s Market between Memorial Day and Labor Day will be charged at $65 per day.

You may pay monthly, at the beginning of each month or fees will be collected daily by market manager, upon arrival, before set up. If you choose to pay monthly/seasonally, a discount will be given. Late payments or noncompliance with the market rules and guidelines may result in loss of market privileges.

Each vendor stall is 12 feet. If a vendor wishes to use any more than 12 feet, they must pay the full fee for an additional stall.

Stalls will be assigned by the market manager on a first come first serve basis.

Farmers with a seasonal lease will be assigned a permanent spot for the duration of the season, unless otherwise indicated by market manager.

Reserved market spaces must be occupied at least 30 minutes prior to opening of the market day. After that time, daily vendors will be permitted to set up in those spaces, as assigned by the market manager. Seasonal leaseholders, arriving after that time, will be re-assigned to another space for the day.

Daily vendors will be assigned space by the market manager on a first come first serve basis, as space is available. Space in the market is not guaranteed, nor is it guaranteed that daily vendors will be assigned the same space each week that they are in the market.

No subletting of a seasonal booth is permitted and rents are not reimbursable, either in whole or in part.

To ensure the safety of market patrons, any vendor arriving after market opening may be required to set up on the periphery of the market.


The submission of application for admission to the market serves as the vendor’s agreement to abide by the rules of the market, as established by the market’s governing body and enforced by the market manager. Violations of the rules of the market may be grounds for warnings, dismissal from the market, or both.

All complaints must be addressed in writing to the Market Manager.

The consequences are as follows:

  1. First offense: written warning
  2. Second offense (for same offense): $10 fine, vendor may only return after fine is paid
  3. Third offense (for same offense): $20 fine, vendor may only return after fine is paid
  4. Forth offense (for same offense): $50 fine, vendor may only return after fine is paid
  5. Fifth offense (for same offense): removal from the market for the remainder of the season

All other compliance violations will be the dealt with by the Market Governance via the Market Manager.  After giving the vendor an opportunity to be heard, the determination will be made whether there has been a violation and what action should be taken. The SHS Farmer’s Market has the right to limit or revoke any vendor’s application without refund and membership in the Market. If market rules are not followed, the vendor can be asked to leave the Market.

The Market Governance reserves the right to amend these Rules & Regulations as may be appropriate and necessary in the interest of farmers or vendors, consumers, and the general public.

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