Farmers Market Application




Business Type: Check all that apply (required)
Fruits/vegetables (complete crop plan below)DairyFishMeatMaple/honey productsBaked goodsPrepared foodsValue addedNursery Products - AnnualsNursery Products - PerennialsNursery Products - Vegetables/Herb plantsNursery StockEggsHerbs (dried or fresh cut)Other







Farm Inspections:
The Market Management reserves the right to do spot visits and farm inspections to assure that the products sold are in compliance with the market's rules and regulations

Production Methods Used: (required)

Please note: Pursuant to CFR Part 205, Subpart B, Section 205.100(c)(1) any operation that knowingly sells or labels a product as organic, except in accordance with the ACT, shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 per violation.

Market Operations:
Payment for booth space is due with this completed application. Non-payment may result in suspension of market privileges.

I would like to reserve a selling spaces or spaces for the current season.I would like to be a daily vendor, paying a daily fee as I use space in the market.

If you chose to reserve a space or spaces, how many would you like to reserve?

The market season runs from June 11, 2017 to November 19, 2017. Please indicate when you plan to start coming to market and when you are likely to finish.

I plan to attend market for the full 2017 season.I will start attending market on a specific date and I will be finished for the season on a specific date

If you chose to start and end on specific dates, what are those dates?
Start Date:
End Date:

Certificates/Licenses Required:
1) Proof of general and product liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 dollars and name the market and property owner as an additional insured. A certificate must remain current and on file with the market. **A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the market manager prior to setting up or selling any products at the market. It is best to have your Insurance broker email the certificate to:**

2) Sales Tax Certificate, if you sell taxable items.

3) All appropriate permits as required for products being sold: i.e. health permits, 20C Exemptions, farm winery permit, nursery license, dairy and meat permits, etc."]

Compliance and Indemnity Agreement:
I (we) the undersigned, have read the Rules and Regulation of the Farmers Market and do agree to abide by all rules and regulations.

I (we) further agree to operate my (our) stall in accordance with these rules and regulations and to pay all applicable fees as set out in the rules and regulations. I (we) do understand that the stall fee, length of season, and hours of operation are set in the rules and regulations, and I (we) will abide by them.

I (we) further understand that failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Farmers Market could mean dismissal from the market.

As a vendor, wishing to participate in the Farmers Market, I (we) agree to SAVE, HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY the Farmers Market, its sponsoring agency, members and employees from any and all liability or responsibility pertaining to any damages to person or property on the sited assigned to me (us) by the Farmers Market, when such damages or liability arise out of acts on my (our) own, or of my (our) employees or associates, located as such site.

I (we) verify that all information I (we) have provided about my farm and products for sale is true and accurate.

I (we) understand that the Farmers Market operates on limited funds. I (we) also acknowledge that the Farmers Market’s beneficial purpose will be impossible to pursue if it is subjected to costly litigation. Wherefore I (we) hereby agree that as a condition of my participation in the Farmers Market, I (we) will resort to litigation against the Farmers Market, its officers, management, and affiliated entities, only after attempting in good faith to resolve the dispute. I (we) to limit any claim I (we) may have as a result of a decision by the Farmers Market management or Board of Directors which results in the denial of a market acceptance, the denial of a product to sell, or wrongful suspension or termination from the Farmers Market, to a return of market fees incurred during my (our) absence from the market. I (we) further agree that in the event I (we) am unsuccessful in my (our) litigation against the Farmers Market, I (we) will pay all costs, expenses, fees, and disbursements incurred by the Farmers Market in the course of its defense of said litigation, and I (we) will also pay the Farmers Market a reasonable attorney’s fees.

I understand the terms and conditions above. I also understand that the cost for this application is $75.

Upon submission of this form, you will directed to PayPal to submit an online payment.

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